We should do Mutants on Ice! Make a musical out of it.
- Michael Fassbender

"Lilith killed everyone. She slaughtered your precious little virgin, plus a half a dozen other people. So after your big speech about humanity and war, turns out your plan was the one with the body count. Do you know how to run a battle? You strike fast and you don’t leave any survivors. So no one can go running to tell the boss."


UTD Alphabet Meme:
  ↳ G | Guns » "I’ve been thinking… a lot of folks have guns in our town.”

"So what are you saying, we collect all the guns?”
"We might want to think about it."
"Jim, people have a Constitutional right to bear arms."
"If we’re still a part of America."
"Of course we are."
"Really? With that dome cutting us off, I’d say we’re looking more like our own country every day."


Jared Padalecki at San Diego Comic Con 2014, clarifying the ‘same circumstances’ line (x)

OK so I uploaded these because I saw a post today that was juxtaposing Dean’s ‘you’d do the same thing’ and Sam’s ‘same circumstances, I wouldn’t’ with Sam’s ‘I lied’ and then his summoning Crowley at the end of Do You Believe in Miracles - and it made me uncomfortable. Sam ‘lied’ about being okay with the possibility that Dean might die killing Metatron, as per their conversation earlier that same episode - the line (which Jared changed) was supposed to be ‘I didn’t expect this to happen’, which maybe makes that more obvious. He didn’t ‘lie’ about not being willing to try and save Dean if Dean got killed because he never said that he wouldn’t be willing to save Dean. He said that in the same circumstances he wouldn’t do what Dean did - that is, as per Jared here, he wouldn’t trick Dean into getting possessed. Trying to summon Crowley to help Dean, when Sam blames him for the whole Mark of Cain scenario that has got Dean killed, isn’t the same thing.

I think the reason it bothers me is because it’s dismissing the seriousness of what Dean did by making it more about saving Sam than about the fact that he deceived Sam into having his body taken over by something that neither he nor Dean could control. If the issue is about Sam not being grateful to be saved then it’s easier to vilify him (even though you could still argue that he deserves the right to go with Death if he’s come to terms with that). If it’s about possession without his consent then Dean’s actions are much more unambiguously wrong and Sam’s deep feeling of betrayal makes much more sense. Also, I don’t like Sam being made out to be a hypocrite (another reason to dismiss him). He wasn’t just being butthurt or lying, he was just drawing a line between behaviour that’s acceptable and behaviour that isn’t.


I think it’s time for Korra’s life changing field trip with Zuko


I really love villains

not in a ‘poor baby is so misunderstood’ way

in a ‘your amorality is so fascinating and delicious’ way


Riley always checks to see if you are as happy to go on a walk as she is 💖


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